Joondalup Tooth Extraction / Wisdom Teeth Removal

At the Dental Reflections dental clinic in Joondalup, our aim is to save your teeth whenever possible with procedures like dental fillings  or  root canal treatment if the nerve is damaged. Sometimes a tooth cannot be saved and the best option is to remove it (if decay extends deep under the gum, if the tooth is cracked or if severe periodontal disease is occurring…) We provide painless tooth extractions at our dental clinic Joondalup Western Australia.

Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted. Your dentist will take digital X-rays in Joondalup of your mouth and jaws to make sure your wisdom teeth are healthy. Some people can keep their wisdom teeth all their lives without any problems. But wisdom teeth can sometimes cause pain and swelling when overcrowding, cavities, infection or gum inflammation is present. It might then be recommended to have them removed.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a very common procedure, and usually completely painless. A local anaesthetic numbs the area where the tooth will be removed. The only thing you might feel is some pressure. At Dental Reflections, Dr. Fernando Afonso and Dr. Sean Archibald gently extract teeth in Joondalup,, usually within a few minutes.

Tooth Extraction Wisdom Teeth Removal Joondalup

Following the tooth extration most people have very little discomfort. Everyone is unique and will, therefore respond differently to a tooth extraction. The discomfort associated with an upper wisdom tooth extraction is generally minimal as the bone supporting these teeth is soft. If lower wisdom teeth are extracted, some pain and discomfort might be experienced for a day or two as the bone supporting these teeth is very dense. Usually, analgesics such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen alleviate some of the discomfort associated with a tooth extraction.

How to Prevent “Dry Socket”

To cover the tooth extraction socket, gums will heal in just a few weeks. We recommend our patients to eat soft or liquid food for a few days following a tooth extraction. For the first 24 to 48 hours after a tooth extration the blood clot forming is very fragile. Try to avoid chewing directly onto the area to avoid discomfort. Avoid rinsing, spitting, drinking hot drinks or alcohol, smoking or using a straw while drinking. This will put pressure on the blood clot and it may displace. This is called a dry socket.

If you are having pain three days or more following a tooth extraction, please visit your dentist again! We will easily treat a dry socket by placing a medicated dressing over the extraction socket to alleviate any pain or discomfort.

Wherever a tooth has been extracted, your other teeth will slowly shift into the empty space. This movement is very slow and can take a long time to notice. A dental implant is generally recommended as the best option to replace a missing tooth. Your dentist will usually wait a few months for the bone to fill in before placing a dental implant. He may also recommend a bone graft, to facilitate any future implant placement.

At Dental Reflections, Dr Fernando Afonso and Dr Sean Archibald are well experienced with wisdom teeth extraction at the Joondalup dental clinic. If you have any concerns with your wisdom teeth, please make an appointment today and have it assessed as soon as possible.

Removed wisdom teeth at Joondalup in a matter of minutes!