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Sedation / Sleep Dentistry

Dental anxiety can cause people to avoid seeking treatment even when their mouth is sore. Visiting your dentist does not have to be an uncomfortable experience! At Dental Reflections we offer Nitrous (laughing gas) to ensure patients feel at ease during their visit. But some patients require deeper sedation to facilitate their dental procedures.

If you are experiencing high dental anxiety and fear, have a severe gag reflex, very sensitive teeth, complex treatment needs or just need to have dentistry done while fully relaxed, sedation dentistry may be an option for you. This may also help your dentist to perform the procedures on a very cooperative and relaxed patient!

Joondalup Sedation Sleep Dentistry

At Dental Reflections we offer a range of sedative medications that can be administered in different ways: oral or intravenous sedation (“twilight sedation”). Our aim is to relieve your anxiety and make you feel relaxed while having your dental treatment done.

If you are having oral sedation you will need to arrive one hour prior to your appointment time so that we can administer the oral sedatives. Our reception staff will give you specific instructions as to fasting requirements.

Intravenous sedation is also known as “sleep dentistry”. An expert medically trained doctor will administer the sedative drug through an injection. Your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and breathing will be closely monitored during the procedure. Although still conscious and able to follow instructions, you may not remember anything about the procedure.

At Dental Reflections, our dedicated team will discuss the advantages of each option and recommend the most suitable form of sedation for you.

Have your dental treatment done while fully relaxed!