Since the first dental implant was placed in 1965, the field of dental implantology has revolutionised how we manage our teeth and smiles. And for many people, it is the ideal solution for a brighter, healthier smile!

Located in Joondalup, the team at Dental Reflections will assess your oral health condition before deciding on whether dental implants are right for you. If dental implants are required, we’ll explain the entire implant process and provide complete implant after-care, so you’ll be fully prepared for every stage of the process.

Made from biocompatible titanium, dental implants act as artificial tooth roots placed in the jaw. Providing a supportive base for replacement tooth or teeth, having dental implants allows you to benefit from a brand new tooth that looks and feels just like natural teeth.

Before undergoing the procedure, you will meet with our dentists to discuss:

  • Your medical history
  • The option of having 3D scanning (like a CT scan)
  • The individual options that are available to you

Most dental implant placements are done under mild oral sedation (tablets) and local anesthetic. However, there are a number of other sedation options available to you for the day of surgery. These options will be discussed during your initial consultation, where our team will provide recommendations and advice based on your individual circumstances.

In addition to cosmetic treatments, dental implants can also be used to manage patients with full or complete dentures. In these cases, the implants are fitted with attachments which correspond to matching attachments in the removable prosthesis (the denture). The result is a secure, stable and retentive ‘over denture’ that is also easy to insert and remove by the patient.

For more information on dental implant procedures in Perth, WA, contact our leading dental clinic on (08) 9300 1337. We accept referrals from other dentists and prosthetists around Perth, but you’re more than welcome to book a dental implant consultation even if you haven’t been referred.

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