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  • All on 4 is a Denture Alternative
  • The “All on 4” can help you restore the functionality & cosmetic appearance of your teeth
  • We use 4 titanium implants to support a fixed dental prosthesis (also known as an implant denture or implant bridge)
  • This type of implant can change your life

All-on-Four Tooth Replacement

All-on-Four Tooth Replacements in Perth

At Dental Reflections, we offer replacement of defective broken-down teeth or missing teeth with fixed implant-supported prosthetic solutions. Dental implant reconstructions are highly successful and replicate the form, function and aesthetics of natural teeth and sometimes in as little as 24 hours.

The All-on-4 treatment we provide for patients in Perth is an innovative approach that was developed over a decade ago, where as few as four dental implants can be used to support an entire dental arch within several days. The natural-looking teeth are fixed into your jawbone, enabling you to not only look good and feel good, but function very similar to your natural teeth.

This modern technique is becoming the preferred alternative to a fully removable denture. It utilises two dental implants placed at the front of your mouth, and two dental implants placed at an angle further back. Tilting the back implants allows flexibility in terms of reducing the need for bone grafting procedures.

Advantages of All-on-4 Treatments at Dental Reflections

  • Utilises fewer dental implants to support an entire dental arch
  • More affordable than traditional implant techniques
  • Fixed to your jawbone, thereby removing the discomfort that can occur with a removable denture
  • An alternative to wearing removable dentures
  • Allows the option of having dental implants placed without the need for bone grafts in many cases
  • Shortened treatment time
  • Looks, feels and functions very similar to natural teeth
  • Predictable aesthetics, with more natural looking teeth
  • Predictable function, allowing you to eat all types of foods
  • Improved taste compared to removable dentures, as there is no palatal coverage

What does the procedure involve?

  • Consultation appointment: The first appointment involves a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health. We carefully assess your suitability for the procedure and discuss any concerns you may have. Every individual is unique, and we make sure that the advice and recommendations we give are appropriate for each individual, both clinically and financially.
  • Diagnostic appointment and work-up: We will require diagnostic records to be able to accurately plan your treatment. This involves taking impressions (moulds) of your teeth to construct study models and a surgical guide, intra-oral and extra-oral x-rays, CT/cone beam scans, and clinical photographs. This information is critical in planning your treatment.
  • Placement of implants: Our sedation options will ensure your comfort during the implant placement appointment. Four implants will be placed into the jawbone, and an impression will be taken of the implant positions.
  • Try-in: After 24 hours, the teeth are “tried in” your mouth. They are only set in wax at this stage to assess the position and aesthetics of the teeth. Changes can be made as required to maximise the aesthetics.
  • Insertion of teeth: A long-term fixed prosthesis is now inserted and screwed onto the implants. You now have a full set of functional, attractive looking teeth.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance is the most important phase of any treatment plan. Careful assessment of the implants and prosthesis is required on a regular basis to ensure the treatment is free from infection and that the new bridge is being cleaned correctly.


We suggest you consider replacement of the long standing provisional restorations to maximise the health, functionality, durability, feel and aesthetics of your dental reconstruction. For further information about how our team at Dental Reflections can provide All-on-4 treatments for patients in Perth, contact us today by calling 08 9300 1337.

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