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Fixed Implants

  • Replace your missing teeth with implants that look, feel & function like your natural teeth
  • Implants provide a strong foundation for biting
  • No more gaps in your mouth
  • The end result is a beautiful-looking smile you’ll love

Fixed Dental Implants Joondalup, Perth

Dentures: Fixed Implant Options

Fixed implant supported dentures are ideal for people who have to replace all their teeth. They’re one of the most comfortable options for those who want to permanently replace missing teeth. Fixed dentures not only look good, but they’re also strong like natural teeth.

Fixed dentures are supported by dental implants. They’re an excellent alternative to conventional dentures because they don’t have the same drawbacks. What’s more is that once secured in place, these fixed dentures can be removed by the dentist for professional cleaning and care.

Are Fixed Implant Supported Dentures Right for me?

Fixed replacement teeth have spared patients the embarrassment and discomfort associated with wearing dentures. The biggest advantage is that dentists can achieve predictable and problem-free results through dental implant procedures.

Unlike traditional dentures, these fixed dental implant supported dentures don’t shift in the mouth or impair speech. The underlying dental implants also stimulate the jaw and prevent loss of bone mass.

Fixed prosthesis like implant supported dentures are known for their durability and longevity. Patients often wear them life long without encountering any problems. They certainly offer tremendous savings in the long run.

Here at Dental Reflections, we have the expertise to perform comfortable fixed dental implant procedures. We use the latest advances in dentistry to relieve your stress of undergoing treatments and pay great attention to your needs.

We’ll listen attentively and help you find a solution that suits your budget and lifestyle. We never compromise on the quality of our dental materials, and we’ll offer you only top of the line implants and fixed prosthesis that will last you a long time.

Don’t let conventional dentures and bridges rob you of your self-confidence. Learn more about our single tooth, multiple teeth, and removable implant options. These are some of the most modern teeth replacement options available. They restore your smile and improve your quality of life as well.

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