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Removeable Implants

  • Removable implants are perfect for those who are missing one or more teeth
  • Great alternative to traditional dentures as they’re more stable
  • You’ll be able to enjoy food and chew without worrying
  • Look and perform just like natural teeth!

Dental Reflections Removable Implants Perth

Dental Implants: Removable Implant Options/Implant over dentures

Dental Reflections offers a host of modern tooth replacement options for people missing one or more teeth. Removable implant dentures are a great alternative to traditional dentures. They’re supported by dental implants and overcome the problems most commonly associated with conventional dentures.

These implant supported dentures have special attachments that secure them to underlying dental implants. The end result? Perfectly fitting dentures that let you enjoy life to its fullest.

Why opt for removable implant-supported dentures?

Removable implant supported dentures are more stable than traditional dentures. They don’t interfere with your ability to eat or speak clearly. The implants also prevent jaw bone loss and keep your face looking young and healthy.

Implant supported removable overdentures look natural and aesthetically appealing. They don’t come off when you chew on most foods. Neither do they cause soreness or pain. They look and perform just like natural teeth and leave you feeling more confident about yourself.

Here at Dental Reflections, we offer the latest removable denture solutions that eliminate the need for dental adhesives. Our main aim is to improve both the health and appearance of your teeth by giving you a solution that works for you.

We take the time to understand your requirements carefully. Together with our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, we’ll deliver the very best in oral care.

Advances in implant dentistry have made removable dental implant denture treatments convenient and cost-effective. Our highly experienced clinicians leverage the latest technology and find solutions that meet each patient’s needs and wants.

Our removable implant options are far superior to traditional dentures, and they’ll leave you with a brilliant smile. We make sure we carry out all procedures with utmost precision and care so that you can have better-looking teeth and a healthier mouth.

Thinking of getting implants to replace your missing teeth? Ask us about our single tooth, multiple tooth, and fixed implant options. We also offer all on four dental implants and removable partial dentures for those looking for alternatives.

Contact us on 08 9300 1337 to find out which implant solution is right for you and make a booking or send us a message online.

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