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Root Canal

  • Also known as root canal therapy (RCT for short)
  • The procedure involves cleaning, and medicating an infected nerve or root canal of the tooth
  • We provide all root canal appointments here at Dental Reflections
  • Our experienced team are Superheroes at saving your tooth

Root Canal Treatment Joondalup

When a tooth causes pain, there could be something wrong with the nerve inside the tooth. A fracture of the tooth, severe periodontal disease or a deep cavity may have reached the nerve and cause discomfort. Whenever a tooth has had significant work done (existing crown or large filling close to the nerve) there is a chance the nerve may react adversely, sometimes many years after treatment.

In these situations, cleaning out the damage infected nerves and disinfecting the tooth can usually save it from extraction and relieve pain and/or sensitivity. Usually, the root canal treatment is pain-free and you experience minimal discomfort afterward. While complex and technical, root canal procedure has a general success rate of 96%.

Once the root canal treatment is finished, a dental crown may be required. The dental crown helps to keep the tooth strong and prevents it from fracturing.

At Dental Reflections our experienced and skilled professionals, Dr Ina Labuschagne, Dr Sean Archibald, Dr John Lam and Dr Greg Crane are trained to perform your root canal treatment in Joondalup to the highest standard.


Top 5 Reasons Not to Delay Root Canal Treatment

Some people are afraid of getting the root canal treatment they need because of old myths they may have heard. Here are some facts about root canals.

First up at,

  1. Root canal treatment relieves the pain

Contrary to what you may have heard, root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain. It’s what relieves your tooth pain.

  1. It stops the infection in your tooth

When the soft living tissue deep inside the tooth becomes infected with bacteria, it starts to throb and ache. That’s when it’s time to stop the infection with root canal treatments.

  1. It helps your body fight disease

Some things get better when they are left alone. A root canal problem isn’t one of them. If left untreated, the tissue inside the tooth will become inflamed and die, and that’s when bigger trouble can start.

  1. It prevents further damage

Like a smouldering fire, bacteria from an untreated root canal infection can spread beyond the tooth’s roots and into the gums, the jaw, and other parts of the body. This can lead to a painful abscess, or even systemic inflammation.

  1. Root canal treatment saves your teeth

And most importantly at number one, it saves your teeth. If you wait too long, you’re at serious risk for losing the affected tooth. So don’t put it off. If you need root canal treatment, sooner is better. Your teeth will thank you for years

Video Explaining Top 5 Reasons Not to Delay Root Canal Treatment

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