Are you experiencing crowding, rotations, protrusion or crossbites? Here at Dental Reflections, we have the perfect solution for you. The Inman Aligner straightens crooked teeth with minimal discomfort. Perfect for achieving great results with just one aligner, the Inman Aligner can be used to straighten teeth quickly and safely in just 9 – 16 weeks.

This procedure can be completed as a stand-alone treatment or before teeth whitening and bonding for a brand-new smile.

The Inman Aligner Process:

  1. Impressions are made so that the lab can construct your Inman Aligner.
  2. Initial fitting of the Inman Aligner.
  3. Wear the aligner 16-20 hours a day
  4. Regular checkups every 2-3 weeks.


We recommend that all patients prevent relapse by retention. This is done through use of a lingually bonded orthodontic wire. To find out if the Inman Aligner is the right teeth straightening treatment for you, book a complimentary consultation with our Perth team today!