Dermal Fillers & Wrinkle Relaxers Joondalup

A smile doesn’t end with beautiful teeth, nor should a trip to the dentist. At Dental Reflections, we understand a smile is about your whole face, not just your teeth. As Joondalup’s leading providers of dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers, we constantly endeavour to respect nature and enhance it, not change it.

Why should I see a dentist for wrinkle relaxers or dermal fillers?

The team at Dental Reflections not only have the highest of standards in infection control, but our talented Dr Greg has a fantastic aesthetic eye and anatomy knowledge.

Dr Greg at Dental Reflections Joondalup is able to offer our patients advice and treatment to improve the health and appearance of not just your teeth, but also your skin.


We do not feel it is fair to charge per unit. Dental Reflections is committed to getting you results for your skin health and will use as much product as indicated to get you the best results. We see all our patients for a review at two weeks where any top up required is free of charge.


Frown lines

Crow’s Feet


Gummy smile

TMJ (jaw)

If you’re looking for dermal fillers or wrinkle relaxers in Joondalup, look no further than Dental Reflections. Contact our team to book a consultation today!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are muscle relaxers?

Botulinum Toxin, or BTx-A works by blocking neurotransmitters in the target muscles, thereby reducing the strength of muscle contraction. This is useful for aesthetic applications, such as static lines caused by overactive muscles (eg. Crow’s feet around the eyes, forehead lines), where the contraction of the underlying muscle has caused damage to the overlying skin. By injecting small amounts of this material, the muscle contraction is relaxed, and the overlying skin has an opportunity to relax and recover.

This material can also be used for therapeutic applications, such as night-time tooth grinding, as it relaxes the overactive muscles of the jaw contributing to the problem. Your treatment could involve aesthetic or therapeutic applications depending on your needs.

What will happen during the treatment?

Prior to treatment we will plan the area and doses required. You may notice a small red bump at the injection site; however these go away quickly. It is important to know that everyone is different, and their experiences and reactions can differ.

How quickly will I notice an effect?

Some patients notice a difference after 3-4 days, but it takes 2 weeks to gain its full effect. We will review you at 2 weeks as further “enhancement” or refinement doses may be necessary and to make sure you are happy with your results.

How long will the treatment last?

Typically results can last a few months however it will depend on the patient’s response to treatment and their home skin care.

What happens if I stop?

As we know, the effect of BTx-A is non-permanent. Previous nerve impulse activity and associated muscle contractions will return, and over time you’ll return to your pre-treatment state.

What are the side effects?

Injections of Botulinum Toxin and dermal fillers have very predictable and reliable outcomes with few side effects. The treatments themselves are non-permanent by nature, with any effects completely wearing off with time.

The majority of minor side effects resulting from treatment are actually to do with the injection, rather than the material itself. These are the same for any injection you experience and may include redness, soreness, swelling, bruising, bleeding, itching, rash and/or pain for a few days afterwards at the site of injection.

These treatments should not be undertaken by women who are pregnant or breast-feeding or who are contemplating doing so. They should be avoided in people with certain underlying medical conditions for which you will be pre-screened.

Written post-care instructions will be issued to you to in order to minimize side effects and maximize results. However, be aware that in order to get the best results, you must also be looking after your skin by avoiding sun exposure, not smoking, using good skincare products at home and undergoing skin resurfacing treatments such as chemical peels or laser.

What should I do for post treatment care?

It is very important to not touch your face for 4-6 hours as this is the time it takes for the product to bind. This includes washing your face, sleeping, exercising, wearing helmet ect. Relax, just like your muscles.

What brands do we use?

Advertising guidelines prohibit us to name certain products that we use for dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers in our clinic. Please contact us for further information, we’d love to hear from you.